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In Lourinhã, the octopus is king

The Octopus Gastronomic Fortnight, created by the Municipality of Lourinhã, is in its 14th edition and presents starters, dishes and desserts created by 25 local restaurants to pay homage to regional gastronomy.

The 14th Octopus Gastronomic Fortnight returns to Lourinhã between the 17th and 31st of May. In an event where the main objective is to show the best of the region's gastronomy, the great protagonist is the octopus. The successful initiative of the Municipality of Lourinhã brings together, once again, 25 restaurants that will serve a selection of dishes specially designed for the occasion.
Originality and creativity are key elements that characterize the Octopus Gastronomic Fortnights and, this year, the 14th edition will be no exception. During the fortnight, visitors will be able to taste octopus carpaccio with paprika, fleur de sel and citrus zest, curry octopus, octopus taco, octopus Nipotuga: octopus in tempura with tomato and coriander soup, octopus à Bulhão Pato with DOC brandy from Lourinhã, Eggs rolled with octopus, Grilled octopus with sweet potato and cimichurri aioli, Octopus skewer with teriyaki sauce and Asian salad, among many other options in which creativity is the watchword. For the more traditional ones, there will be no shortage of the great references of Portuguese cuisine such as Octopus à Lagareiro, passing through Mariscada de Octopus, Octopus Rice or even the typical Octopus Salad. To end the meal, some restaurants have gone further and will have available desserts such as Crispy filo pastry with dried fruit, octopus caramel and vanilla ice cream, and even Panacotta with octopus and apple jam.

“It is with great pride that we announce the 14th edition of the Quinzena Gastronómica do Polvo. This initiative that reflects in every way what our region is, its products, in particular the octopus, but also the spirit of initiative and creativity of all those involved. This year, we want to demonstrate that again, but also continue to surprise all who visit us with new and original dishes” explains João Serra, councilor in charge of Tourism at the Municipality of Lourinhã. “We aim that all the people who visit us take away from Lourinhã a true gastronomic experience, but also that they take advantage of this time to discover the wonders of our region, both at a natural and cultural level”, concludes the councilor.

This year, the 14th Octopus Gastronomic Fortnight has the participation of the following restaurants: 100 Pratus (Praia da Areia Branca), Adega do Careca (Atalaia), Amigos do Solar (Lourinhã), Avenida Café e Cervejaria (Lourinhã), Areal Bach Bar by Chakall (Praia do Areal Sul), Barracão do Petisco (Marquiteira), Braga (Vimeiro), Castelo (Lourinhã), Chico Neto (Praia de Porto Dinheiro), Dom Lourenço (Praia da Areia Branca), Dom Sebastião (Lourinhã), Foz Restaurante (Praia da Areia Branca), Novo Parque (Parque da Fonte Lima), O Moleiro (Casal da Murta), Pão Saloio (Toledo), O Passarinho (Moita dos Ferreiros), O Viveiro (Praia de Porto Dinheiro), Páteo Ibérico (Lourinhã), Pizza & Companhia (Porto Dinheiro Beach), Rota da Marteleira (Marteleira), Solar da Vila (Lourinhã), Terra à Terra (Lourinhã), Vestigium (Reguengo Pequeno), Vista Mar by Noiva do Mar (Atalaia), West 23 by Chakall (Montoito).

The Pizza & Companhia restaurant will be closed until the 23rd of May, reopening on the 24th.